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Mission statement

Communion with Love seeks to support anyone to realize the Presence of Divinity within.

Some pathways have called this state Unio Mystica, Buddha Nature, Unmanifest, Godhead.

We like to call it Love.

Therefore it aims to make spiritual Truth experiential instead of conceptual.

Love is the essence of Divinity and therefore the essence of all genuine spiritual pathways, 

which we seek to support solely for Thy Glory and the greater good of all.

“The invitation is to realize one’s true Self as Infinite Love.”


Lord of Love, we come before Thee to realize ourselves as Infinite Love.

Take away all illusions that we are anything other than Infinite Love.

Let the Spirit come upon us so that we will be transformed into Infinite Love


Who We are

The Communion with Love community sees itself simply as perfecting the experience of Infinite Love. Hence we do not claim to know anything or teach anything. We are simply here to share with each other Love and learn from each other how to increase the experience of Divine Love.

We  do not claim to know the Absolute Truth, nor would we be interested in teaching it. We have come to experience that Love is sufficient unto itself and that the increase in lovingness is worth all the effort possible. All are equal and indistinguishable through their commitment to Love.


What we do

What we are seeking is to realize what we are as Infinite Love. In order to do so we utilize the Pathway of Love itself.

Tasting Love

What we offer is the opportunity to taste Love. We do so by loving you.

By being around Love and it’s expressions one eventually will recieve a taste of that love and over time want more. The next step then is to make lovingness a lifestyle and hence remove the conditions to experience Love.

Making Love unconditional

We are finding out about situations were we have put on conditions on our love and utilize techniques to transcend those conditions. We start to see Love everywhere.

The radiant Love

The more loving we become the more that Love will radiate out into the world and Love has become a lifestyle. Here we practice by radiating out Love either trough various  practices as well as selfless service into our community. Love here is now radiating and touching many peoples life’s.

Identification of Love as what we truly are 

Although there are many doorways into Love this one is different in that it asks a total abandon of ones complete personhood. On this path one just is the quality of Infinite Love as well as its manifestations without being any longer a individual separate person. Ones intention is to be an impersonal quality and hence leave identification with any personal “me” behind.

The emphasis on manifestations of Love 

Although on its highest level everything is experienced as manifestations of Love there are certain qualities that are so near to the quality of Love that by fostering those we are supporting the path of Love itself. Those qualities are for example compassion, kindness. mercy. beauty, chivalry among others. Hence we focus deeply on how to foster and practice any of those qualities.



Historical Context & Acknowledgments

Communion with Love has formed to bring transformation and direct experience of spiritual Truth, especially Love to the world. Historically it emerged out of Reverend Jakob Merchants call to ministry. After his ordination by One Spirit Interfaith seminary he received his confirmation and blessings to form this spiritual organization as a vehicle of spiritual transformation.

All inspiration and transformation stems from Love. The most profound of experience of Love has come in our experience from Dr. David R. Hawkins. We are eternally grateful for that Love that taught us what true Love is. All of our ministry stems from that Absolute Love which has been emanating from that One being that we are eternally dedicated to.



Dedication and Invocation

My life belongs to Divinity

May the Lord of Love do with it as He pleases

Infinite Love is the Creed I hold

Veritas the path I serve

Beauty, Love and Divinity all that I see

All Glory Be to Thee

You may have all of me

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
and only Love remaineth © Copyright 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved.

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