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2016 Workshop Dates

As Love knows no boundaries and no limits, so we are reducing boundaries on your participation in our activities this year. In 2016 all of Communion with Love’s offerings will be available in person in Sedona and long distance, via lifestream. You will find the livestream link under “Events”.

Our focus is on experiential Truth and so our events are all primarily meditative in nature and aimed on becoming the specific qualities through meditation, partner and individual exercises, guided meditation, videos, music and readings that assist one in entraining to the specific quality being cultivated in oneself.


All events are from 9:00am – 5:00pm

February 20 – Compassion (1785 W State Route 89A, Suite 1B)
April 16 – Mercy (1785 W State Route 89A, Suite 1B)

The following events will be held at the Contemplative Center for Infinite Love at 2044 Red Rock Loop Road:

Multi-day retreat:
May 31 – June 3rd Becoming the Qualities of Infinite Love

One day retreats:

August 20 – Surrender to Love

November 12 – Infinite Love

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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