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The contemplative center of selfless Love

The contemplative center of selfless Love is a place were everyone is completely dedicated to become a Love that is completely without a self. Even a sense of “I” or self is dissolved and no longer present in this absolute or Infinite Love that is the only thing that exists.

The contemplative center of selfless Love practices this mainly through the pathway of the heart and the pathway of nonduality combined into one laser focused transformational experience that leaves all perception of the world behind into the direct beingness of this selfless Love.

The center focuses among its primary practices on the practice of surrender and especially on the practice of Surrender to Love. Surrender to Love means to dissolve ones sense of self into Love and thereby only leave love as what exists.

Once this practice is permanently established within consciousness this selfless Love also known as Divinity is than worshipped in every moment, every aspect, every situation and everyone that still perceives themselves as a self or a person. It is a worship of Love, it is a worship of reality, it is a worship of Divinity because it is the only thing that exists.

Among the other practices of the pathway of the nondual Heart are the pillars of Love which include mercy, compassion, illumination, revelation, radiance, silence, stillness, thoughtlessness, bliss, complete and total surrender, surrender to Love, prayer, meditation, contemplation, worship, sacredness, experiencing Love within everything, beautification, selflessness, and becoming the teachings of the greatest teachers of Love as well as perfecting their spiritual practices.

Because God, Love and Truth are one, the Contemplative center of selfless Love focuses on embodying these three as what one is instead of being an individual self.

Along the pathway of spiritual evolution there are some that are of unique importance to support and help along the way. These greatest teachers of Love as well as the community of Love have a unique emphasis in The Contemplative Center of selfless Love.

These greatest teachers of Love are worshipped, adored, referenced and with that invoked and invited to help, assist, guide and become part and partial not only of our lives but more so of what we are, because to worship any of them means to worship selfless or infinite Love. This means than this worship is an invitation for infinite Love itself to help assist, guide and become part and parital of what we are.

This same is true for the community of infinite Love. In this community we are communing with Infinite Love through each and every single member of this group that has aligned it itself with the highest form of enlightenment – the being of the Lord of Love itself. Through this communion with Love the very sense of self is dissolved more and more until only selfless Love remains.
As this world is merely an illusion and a projection of the mind, thoughts and beliefs. The Unfolding of Life is answered with a lightheartedness and playfulness that mounts into the states of joy and ecstasy.

Sacred music & art is used to uplift the Spirit and Soul into Divine Union with Love. This Communion with Love becomes then over time more and more permanent until the self is completely dissolved into selfless Love. This form of sacred invocation is also a form of invocation and worship of the Divine, which then in turn becomes what we are.

Because every Love is Divine Love, the expression of Love from the contemplative center of selfless Love is intended as radiance into the world as selfless service of the Lord’s Love into the world.

The greatest teachers of Love have all left unseen support and teachings that the center of contemplative Love commits itself to becoming as what one is and thereby every member of the center will be not only known as being selfless Love but also as the perfection of the teachings of the greatest teachers of Love.

Experience and being selfless Love, the qualities of Love and the teachings of the greatest teachers of Love are the central aspect that the Contemplative Center of selfless Love as well as all its members have dedicated their lives to.

The invitation is to realize one’s Self as Infinite Love


Throughout History people of all religions have sought direct experience. The Center of Love simply aims to bring this one intention into a practical retreat center.Therefore the Center of Love will offer all of Communion with Love’s current activities, retreats and workshops.

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