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Circle of Love

The Circle of Love is an ongoing group that practices on a regular basis to Be and experience nothing but Love as well as the expressions of Love which are beauty, mercy and compassion. This then manifests in seeing the perfection, sacredness and Divinity of all things. It is a community of people who have put perfecting Lovingness above all else in their life.

What is Love and what is the Circle of Love focusing on

The Love we are talking about is a non agenda Love, unconditional, nondual and devoid of personhood. It is a impersonal quality of Lovingness, outside of time. It expresses itself within form in many diffrent ways e.g. kindness, compassion, mercy and beauty. As this Love has no agenda, it does not want, and therefore simply witnesses the sacredness, beauty and perfection of all that is, until one sees this Divine Love in everybody and everything. It is complete and total in and of itself and therefore does not seek to change anything.

We never try to change anybody. Instead we want to see their Lovability and perfection as they are no matter how they are. The practice is therefore not to improve or change the other person but instead to see them as such an perfect expression of Love that no change is even wanted or necessary.

This is also true for collective activities of the group. Therefore we do not seek to promote any causes, or do things for “people’s good”. Our sole purpose is to remove our perception, or way of looking at the situation, so that we can see the Pure Love, perfection and Divinity of whom or whatever is in front of us.

Special focus or topics of the circle of Love:
– Removing exceptions to Love
– Nonagenda Lovingness
– Seeing the beauty sacredness and Divinity of everything
– Mercy
– Compassion
– Identification with nondual Lovingness

“Lord of Love, we come before Thee to realize ourselves as Infinite Love. Take away all illusions that we are anything other than Infinite Love”

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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