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How do i find the right teacher?

The teacher you are looking for is complete and total within. The Love that is present is so complete that no further agenda is present. Hence there would be no situation that he could take advantage of somebody or something. Typical percieved gains are around money, sex, control, power. This sometimes can be presented under “a good reason”. However the end never justifies the means.

The probably best means on which to measure a potential teacher upon are the Identification and Characteristics of Spiritual Truth, Integrous Teachers and Teachings which are part of the Code of Ethics of Communion with Love.

“The teacher is who loves the most. the student is the one who is loved the most.
This is the eternal law of Love”Rev.Jakey

The Student and Teacher Relationship

In the student Teacher relationship we commonly see a deep devotion from the student towards the teacher. There is a great love, caringness, respect and often even admiration or reverence.

It is really the students lesson to see and treat everyone as he would the teacher. The Love from the student is so staggering, it will leave every true teacher puzzled if they do not understand that it is Divinity that they are percieving within the teacher, not the Teachers persona itself. That extremly deep staggering love can be applied to anyone one meets. In fact one can simply pray for it.

Hence a true teacher allows the student to love so deeply but at the same time brings it back to the student shifting that transformational deep Love from being focused on one person to all that exists. This is the only purpose of a teacher, to help the student in this process of expanding the focus of his devotion to all that exists and combining it with the awareness that it is Divinity itself that one is perceiving and treating that way.

It is the obligation of the teacher to not allow to personalize and limit this experience but instead to help it make it unconditional to all of live.

Teacher: Do you love me?
Student: More than my Life
Teacher: Than go and love everything the same as me.

In this sense anyone can learn from the student on how to live ones life and treat any other being.

The Teacher

There is only one true Teacher and that is Love itself. If allowed Love can teach its student under any given form, circumstance or manifestation. It only depends on the student on how narrow or broad he allows himself to be taught. Some students allow Love only to teach them trough a single person they call “spiritual Teacher” “Guru” “Minister” “Priest” or even “Master, Messiah, Avatar”etc.
As their own pathway deepens they may be however become more open to be able to percieve the teachings of Love everywhere.

However there is something much Rogers important about the teacher and that is that he is offered a unique opportunity. That is that he can learn from the student in a twofolded way. One is by the fact of experiencing devotion and love expressed to him he can learn

So who is the teacher?
The one who serves the tea in love and devotion, the one who serves the food as if he would serve it directly to Love, he is the true teacher?

Who is the true student?
The one who is open to Loves call. The one who witnesses the expression of Love . The one who experiences his own unloving ness and is aware of it, with the willingness to change.

Hence the minister,dean,mentor and participant are all equally the teacher and student at the same time in as much they all learn to Love from another. If you would like to read more you can find more here on the student and teacher relationship

How to pick the right teacher?

The real question here is how to open ourselves up to Love and how do we best learn to be most loving ourselves? If we are open only to a particular person, that person alone will be teaching us how to love. If we however are open for Love it becomes our teacher in return

Personal Gain and no agenda Love

Non attachment vs. Detachment

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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