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Living Principles of the Contemplative Center of selfless Love


Silence: Outer silence can support inner silence: Inner Silence Union with the Divine. We are committed to stepping into the great silence, which is silent illumination; a Love without a self, silent and infinite.

Contemplation: Every moment of our lives our focus is on the inner spiritual processing and practice. Our spiritual practice is continuous, “Non-stop” without exception as an unconditional practice. Only an unconditional practice can transcend form, which is our ultimate intention and only focus and interest.

Sacredness & Sanctification: Everything we think, say or do leaves a permanent imprint on our surroundings. We are committed to sanctify the place and everyone in it by everything that is happening at the center. This includes everything that is said, thought, felt, even watched, listened to or read. For everything that is happening at the center we are asking the question: “Does this add to making this a cathedral of Infinite Love”

Single Heartedness & One pointedness of mind: All of our Hearts, minds, Souls, focus, intention and interest is on the spiritual practices and spiritual pathways that realize ourselves as infinite selfless Love.

Solitude: Being one with Love, we are striving to be focused completely towards Love immanent and transcendent as what we are at the same time. While being with others is communing with Love, we spend as much as time possible inward focused on the inner transformation into Infinite Love. Love manifests as all that exists; to be one with Love means to be only Divine everythingness.

Comitment to the Divine & the greatest teachers of Love: Our Love and lives are completely dedicated to Love itself. Living or being aligned with the contemplative Center for selfless Love means to be completely dedicated and committed towards selfless Love itself. This Love then manifests as the greatest teachers of Love which we invite into our lives through worship, adoration & reference to teach us, guide us and become us.

Worship, reverence & adoration

We are worshipping, adoring and revere the Lord of Love, as well as His manifestation as the greatest teachers of Love and the Spirit of Love itself. We do so on a daily basis as a formal practice but also as a continuous position we are holding towards everything. All of life is worshipped as the selfless Love that is called Divinity. That which is worshipped and adored is what we are intending to come into our lives and become what we are.

Servanthood: We are complete and total servants of the Lord of Love all of our thoughts and all of our will are of no use. We are simply invoking the Lord to express Thy will for us in what way can we be Thy servants in every moment and every activity of our lives?

Selflessness: We are committed to be without an individual “self” or sense of “I” and instead the infinite selfless Love that is all that exists. Out of that emerges the impersonal radiance of Infinite Love to serve, support, uplift all of mankind.

Surrender: Surrender is the relinquishment of personal will. It is the absence of attractions and aversions.Surrender to Love is the dissolving of the personal self or sense of “I” into the Lord of Love. Surrender and Surrender to Love are the major practices of the Contemplative Center for selfless Love.

Unconditional Love: We are committed to being a Love that transcends all perceptions is infinite unending and independent of any form or conditions. We are practicing and applying this Love in all of our interactions at the center as a way of life of us individually as well as of the center itself.

Playfulness & Light Heartedness: The world we experience is only an illusion, a projection of our own minds. Living this premise means that we take living and all its aspects lightly and respond with whatever arises with playfulness and light Heartedness.

Beautification: We are seeking to increase the beauty everywhere. Whether this is through beautification of the property itself, the gardens, the house or the rooms or if it is an inward beautification that facilitates a shift in perception where everything is experienced as Divine Beauty.

Integrity & Moral impeccability 

At any given moment we are aligned with moral and ethical integrity and a code of ethics that serves the Lord of Love. Each person living or being aligned with the Contemplative Center for selfless Love has developed an ethical and moral compass that is completely aligned or derived from the greatest teachers of Love. In any given moment we are praying:

Lord reveal to us ,beyond all perception, whats is the most loving for this situation?



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