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Mercy & Compassion

“The Heart of the Lord is Mercy”

What is Mercy?

A Deep transformational Love of such an intensity that the other person feels transformed, Loved, and embraced by the Divine Presence independently of who they are or what is going on in the persons life.

A Love in which people feel deeply loved, accepted and perfect the way they are, especially if they or the world would have felt that they do not deserve so.

What is our Mercy ministry?

This ministry is an outreach project of Love, where we extend that deep transformational Love to anybody that comes our way, but especially those who seem the furthest away from that Love. People who are dominated by apathy,shame,hatred,grief,fear etc. and who feel their lives are destroyed and their soul is lost.

We become the Channel of a Love that cannot be earned and therefore is given to those who need it the most “undeserved”.

Examples of Mercy

Mercy is a direct pathway of unconditional love. It allows you to love the “unlovable” and hence remove the conditions you put on your love in the first place. So you love the undeserving of your love simply out of your graciousness and then your preception transforms and shows you the Lovability that was there in the first place.

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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