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Rev. Jakob Merchant

Rev. Jakob Merchant

Ordained Interfaith minister through One Spirit Interfaith seminary


What a spiritual teacher does is teaching others how to love by loving them”
(I can do it – Las Vegas 2008 – Dr. David R. Hawkins) .

From Rev. Jakob Merchants Minister Manual as a expression of intent “About my Ministry”:

My life belongs to Divinity. May The Lord do with it as He pleases.

My Ministry shall not be about education but about love. My ministry is not to teach anything but to love everything. The love shall be the teaching. Anyone can be loved, anyone can be revered and Divinity can shine forth from everything that exists.

My Ministry shall not be about politics, rigid dogmas or the establishment of another form of structure / religion. It shall be only based on infinite unconditional love. Love is the creed I hold. Agape is what I carry in my heart and the Unmanifest is what I want to realize as my true Self

This persona shall walk the earth in this unconditional, nonconceptual love and express it freely to all that exists. Any personal (perceived) gain shall be relinquished so that the focus remains only The Lord’s will. Therefore to be loving to all of life in all of its expressions shall be the contemplative attitude combined with surrendering everything as it arises. So that the Lord may lead me wherever He wants and in order to fulfill whatever role He wants me to fulfill.

Humility shall be my shield and buckler to never assume I know but ask Divinity to reveal to me in every instant what the Truth is, and what to do next.

Personal Vow of my Minitry:

My life belongs to Divinity

May the Lord of Love do with it as He pleases

Infinite Love is the creed I hold

Veritas the path i serve

Beauty, love and Divinity all that I see

All Glory be to Thee

You may have all of me


Rev. Jakob Merchant on his “circum vitae”

 You can also watch Rev. Jakobs Commencement Ceremony here

Have you ever experienced Love? Have you ever-experienced Truth? Have you ever experienced the Light of Love? In summary this is what my life is all about.

To be the Light of Love to the world.

When I was a little child about 3 years old my mom started to going to work and this became one of the defining points in my life. A starting point to examine what is love, what is the source of love and how to be in a state and a experience of love at all times. Independent of circumstances, independent of any ailments, problems this world might hold. Independent of anything that might stand in the way of being that love and experiencing that love. 

Growing up in Austria meant to grow up in a very idyllic, “picture perfect” environment. I remember experiencing the grass grow and the sun shine upon me; And an experience of an overwhelming sense of joy in all of my life’s activities. 

However at the same time, there often was a question and longing for Love; it came up in many situations in my life, that also lead to question “what is the purpose of my life” and “why we are here” and all those things. 

And so as a teenager I started to deeply examine those questions; both Love and Truth. And so one day in reading all the great philosophers one of the books said philosophy is not capable of answering any of those questions. And this was a great turning point in my life. Because I was determined to find the answers to this questions. To experience the Truth

At the same time, I said to myself “If the world could not be understood, it certainly could be helped”. And so my focus went from philosophy and seeking the Truth to experiential spirituality, religion, and especially psychology, learning to help and transform people and in that way transforming myself.

This journey lead me to a wide, wide variety of experiences. It lead me to Buddhism, where the meditation practice of Buddhism lead me to experience and to expand a glimpse on how it feels like to be the whole Universe, how it feels like to be bliss; But also, how to negate and be devoid of all the positive qualities. And so at one point, experiencing that emptiness that Buddhism refers to, I asked myself “Is that everything”, “Is that the Ultimate”?

Dissatisfied with that, life moved on and I met the man who’s name is Dr. David R. Hawkins. That was a very life transformational experience, because the first time in my life there was somebody who spoke about many experiences that I personally have had but nobody ever articulated and made sense with them. 

And so in this process of deep surrender and laying my life before the Lord, my own experiential connection to Truth and Love solidified and changed. And this was then the time when I started experiencing the quality of Lovingness independently of what I was doing. Seeking had come to an end. Because the question I had had been replaced by Love. 

It was also the time, when I started to experience myself less and less as a person in a classical sense That I would experience more and more that things unfold on their own and bodies doing just their parts in the great play of life.

And finally, it was that time of transformation when I started to experience myself more as this inner light of Love than an individual person. 

Born out of those experiences came the sense and the urge to be that light and that love to the world. First, very unconscious I started to go to seminary and I started to be learning different healing modalities. Then years later, I realized, that this was simply the manifestation of that commitment to relief suffering in all its forms by helping people to come closer to their own experience of that Love that replaces all the questions that one might have about the world and the universe. 

And so today, this expresses itself in my ministry, as an Interfaith/Interspiritual minister in the organization called Communion with Love where we help people to become those qualities of Lovingness, kindness, compassion, mercy, and other ones – Impersonal and devoid of any dogma.

At the same time what I am, expresses itself in the healing work, the Health and Healing Clinic where we are bringing about the relief of suffering in any form possible. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual with all the help and treatment that is effective, transformational but still in this context of healing through Love; through compassion; through caring-ness. 

And so in my journey that started with what love is and whether to negate it and follow what is called the pathway of negation, devoid the world, I have come to learn all the answers and all the healing comes simply from replacing them (Questions,ailments) with love.

If Mother Teresa used to pray everyday to invoke the Lord to draw them (people) to the Lord instead of to herself, it is my daily prayer to be that Light of Love to the world instead of a person. 




Special Thanks to Love’s expression as:

My spiritual teacher & Lord, Dr. David R. Hawkins

Every Being ever met

All Credit is due to the Lord of Love

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
and only Love remaineth © Copyright 2011-2012. All Rights Reserved.

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