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Mercy retreat registration

Mercy retreat registration


Mercy is a Love that is beyond this world because it perceives a Love that has transcended everything from this world. It is a Love so deep and so absolute that it surpasses anything of a person. No deserving or undeserving, no earning of love, and good and love are replaced with lovable.

Mercy is a quality to experience the Divine within a person and extend an incredible deep love to that Divine in the other person.

Mercy means a Love that is “unearned” and can never be earned, it just is there expressing itself to extend Love and relief suffering, therby uplifting all of mankind.

Please meditate and listen as often as you can as preparation for our next retreat to ‘our theme song” for this retreat as a form of entrainment to the field of mercy.


While the retreat is free of charge your donations are appreciated. It takes an average of $400 to provide each retreat including the live streaming. Make a donation to allow us to continue bringing Love to the world here


Please note: Provide us with your Skype name in the comment section when registering for the course. We will have a Heart partner for you throughout this retreat you will be working with via Skype. If you have never used Skype or need assistance with setting up a free account please email us at [email protected]


The Heart of the Lord is Mercy and on this day we are inviting you to realize it as what you are.

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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