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It is the nature of the human to make things more complicated. Love is complete and total on itself. It does not want nor need and hence lacks nothing. This kind of Love does not occupy itself with other things to distract from itself. It is pure and readily available in this present moment. All the complications, the dogmas the teachings, the endless words in book can never give what even one moment of the direct experience of Love has to offer. 

In the variety of religious teachings, cultural and societal belief systems no end is in sight and not solution will ever be found. This is the trap of the mind. Where the mind continues to create questions, riddles and arguments within itself and others to avoid the direct experience of Love in this very moment. There is no way to solve this. There is only a surrender and hence a stepping out of the ring. There comes a point, where one says “No answers can be found through the mind and no solutions to be made, by trying to “figure it out”. Then one is ready for the Pathway of Love. One is ready to seek answers through Love  instead of the intellect. Only Love can accomplish this. Not by understanding the books but buy throwing them away one gets free. This “throwing away” is not necessary an outwards process but instead an internal one.  The seeking to understand sets up the mental trap. As one question is answered the next one will come up. The throwing the towel in the ring and focusing on Love instead is the freedom that is offered by Love.


“In pooring a cup of tea for another being out of deep Love and caringness you will learn more about the nature of the Universe than any book ever can offer” Rev. Jakey

 This is the true teaching of Love often called the “esoteric school”. It is esoteric because it is hidden from the mind’s perception. It can only bee seen through the eyes of Love.

If you dont understand it, you dont need it. Love is not in the realm of understanding, it is in the realm of subjective experiencing. 

 If something is complicated, it simply means it is too complicated for it being the Truth. 


“I love you. You love me. This is how simply life can be”  
Nicoola Combe

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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