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In this Ministry we bring the experience of beauty everywhere. With everyone we meet we draw their awareness into the experience towards beauty as well as the underlying Love and sacredness in the present moment. Most importantly we help people To move into the state of Unconditional beauty.

In as much Beauty is an expression of Love we strengthen the experience of Love when we strengthen the experience of beauty in our life’s

As with Love we offer to Taste beauty, then help people to make their experience of beauty unconditional and finally help to realize the underlying Infinite Love as an impersonal, nondual state of consciousness.

Hence We learn to see the Beauty of the Lord of Love everywhere. We are utilizing techniques like Reverence and working with belief systems to see the beauty and lovability of everything that exists. Especilly in our courses we are also exposing ourselves to beauty in many avenues like Art, Music and Poetry

“Beauty Transcends the Intellect and is therefore a direct experience of Love, Truth and Divinity, which are one and the same.” Rev. Jakob Merchant

Be drunk with Love
Drown in Love
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