Healing session 1: The heart of non duality & what is Surrender to Love
Guided Transformation: What is Surrender to Love
Book text on Consistencey & Unconditional practice
10 habits - "I dont know, show me Thy Love"

The first habit to develop is the habit of humility. It is a general attitude of “I don’t know, show me Thy Love” in everything.



Lesson for the day
10 Behaviors - morning routine
10 Questions - What is my ethical code?
Reference material on humility

“Fix your mind on Me alone, rest your thoughts on ME alone, and in ME alone you will live hereafter. Of this there is no doubt.

If you are unable to fix your mind steadily on ME, I Dhananjaya, then seek to reach ME by the yoga of constant practice”

Bagavad Gita CH.12V.8-9

Experiences on humility