Who We Are

Communion with Love is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the deepening of love in our everyday life.

 We believe that love is the fundamental truth of all genuine spiritual pathways and thus our work is not of any particular religious denomination and incorporates many of the great pathways.

What We Do

We offer various day long workshops, evening events, as well as online courses exploring various spiritual topics and pathways, aiming to make their spiritual truth experiential.

We have come to experience that love is sufficient unto itself and that the increase in lovingness is worth all the effort possible.

Our Dedication and Invocation

My life belongs to Divinity

May the Lord of Love do with it as He pleases

Infinite Love is the Creed I hold

Veritas the path I serve

Beauty, Love and Divinity all that I see

All Glory Be to Thee

You may have all of me

Our Spiritual Director and Historical Context

Communion with Love has formed to bring transformation and direct experience of spiritual Truth, especially Love to the world. Historically it emerged out of Reverend Jakob Merchant’s call to ministry. After his ordination by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary he received confirmation and blessings to form this spiritual organization as a vehicle of spiritual transformation.

This inspiration and transformation stems from Love. The most profound experience of Love has come from Dr. David R. Hawkins. We are eternally grateful for that Love that taught us what true Love is. All of our ministry stems from that Absolute Love.