Code of Ethics

We believe that the intention and motivation of everything we do comes out of a deep Unconditional Lovingness. This very intense Lovingness manifests as compassion and mercy. At any given moment our guide for any action is what is the most Loving thing to do.

We also acknowledge the quality of humility as a critical component in our life. Through humility we do not presume to know the best or most Loving action, choosing instead to simply await Love’s call in the present moment.

This nonagenda, unconditional Lovingness that does not need anything to Love is what we are opening up to at any moment – to make us first an instrument of that Love and then to become that Love itself. The Love which is an impersonal, nonconceptual and non-dual is then simply manifesting in the world.

Some people have chosen a more concrete list of ethical or moral guidelines all of which are in alignment with our overall Code of Ethics stated above. For further inspiration on this subject we provided you with some examples from Rev. Jakob Merchants personal Code of Ethics as minister below. You may also read the Identification and Characteristics of Spiritual Truth, Integrous Teachers and Teachings, “Truth versus Falsehood”, page 379 by Dr. David R. Hawkins for a deeper understanding of ethical and moral conduct.

Personal Code of Ethics

  • To seek the Lord’s Will at any given moment and therefore surrender everything as it arises.
  • To be the Infinite Love that pervades the whole universe and therefore to love everybody at all times.
  • To be and experience that love as what I am beyond any personal identity, concepts, beliefs, thoughts, time or space – a radical subjective eternal experience of the Infinite Presence of love as that which I am (The Buddha Nature, Unmanifest etc.).
  • To see the beauty, love and Divinity shining forth in all things.
  • To leave judgment up to God.
  • To give up thinkingness.
  • To do everything solely for Thy Glory and purpose.
  • To treat every creature as the manifestation of my Lord and consequently be its servant. To follow the pathway of Love as well as Devotional Nonduality (the first includes the second).
  • To live an ethical and moral life as it is expressed in the great ethical treatises as well as my own spiritual pathway.