The Circle of Love is an ongoing group that practices to be and experience nothing but Love as well as the expressions of Love – beauty, mercy and compassion. This then manifests in seeing the perfection, sacredness and Divinity of all things. It is a community of people who have put perfecting Lovingness above all else in their life.
We extend deep transformational Love to anybody that comes our way, but especially those who seem the furthest away from that Love – those who are dominated by apathy, shame, hatred, grief, or fear and who feel their lives are destroyed and their soul is lost.
“The heart of the Lord is Mercy”
We learn to see the beauty of the Lord of Love everywhere. We utilize techniques like reverence and working with belief systems to see the beauty and lovability of everything that exists. We also expose ourselves to beauty in many avenues like art, music and poetry.
“Beauty transcends the intellect and is therefore a direct experience of Love, Truth and Divinity, which are one and the same.” Rev. Jakob Merchant