2024 Workshops and Retreats

The blessed monks return to Sedona this year. The events we are hosting with them, are focused on the new Buddha Shakyamuni enlightenment stupa being built in Sedona.

“Whomever simply builds one (stupa) on the account of the Victorious One (The Buddha), all of them will attain enlightenment.” 

The Buddha

A stupa is the energy of enlightenment in this world. Buddhism states that it is the “enlightened mind” in physical form. A stupa is considered to be no different than the Buddha himself. Hence, to be in the presence of a stupa is in the presence of the Buddha. To help building a stupa is to help bringing a Buddha forth into the world.

This stupa will be located in Sedona, Arizona and built by “Dorje the stupa builder” who also built the Amithaba stupa in Sedona. A true Interfaith stupa it will be supported by various traditions and denominations.

We ask you to help birth a Buddha by your donations, volunteer work and prayers.

Support the stupa by making a tax deductible donation

All events will be live-streamed on our usual Communion with Love Zoom room.

March 4th at 4pm – Blessing the grounds for the new stupa being built “Naga ceremony”. This is an outdoor event. No particular registration necessary. *
March 11th 7pm Tea Ceremony, Chanting and Interfaith gathering. Limited seating – must be registered.
March 20th 6pm Buddha Shakyamuni meditation and blessing. Limited seating – must be registered.
March 22nd 8am -2.30pm  New stupa retreat. Limited seating must be registered. Lunch will be provided.
March 23th 9am – 5pm New Stupa & Mahamudra retreat. Limited seating must be registered. Lunch will be provided.

March 26th 4pm. Goodbye party w Monks very limited seating must be registered.

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Daily Events

Morning Meditation – online only

Daily silent morning meditation offered from 6am to 6:30am

Evening Interfaith Devotional Services – Fridays and Saturdays 


In person events are held at the Sedona Surrender Retreat House
2044 Upper Red Rock Loop Road
Sedona AZ 86336

For virtual events, join here.