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My Spiritual Mission Statement

I devote this life to full Enlightenment, which I have heard is the resolution of all suffering and the promise of perfect happiness, or the essence of what I have always sought as a human being in less complete ways.

Having learned that Enlightenment is achieved by virtue of intention, I commit every bit of my being to becoming aligned with Enlightened Teachers, Teachings and Community, who best express these qualities.

I commit to qualities of love, joy, peace, confidence, strength, health, success, and generosity, as examples of practicing the embodiment of spiritual awareness and relinquishing old patterns.

I align my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with spiritual truth, to uncover and release any unconscious patterns which have held falsehood in place.

I continue to question all beliefs, dogma, feelings, and sensations, including those factors hidden under the guise of the spiritual ego, comfort zones, or “the known”, and instead allow myself to uncomfortably bliss out in the infinite possibility of awareness itself.

And with great compassion I dedicate this work to all of humanity, with the understanding that this work is equally important to any work of any human being who ever lived, and that my greatest potential is not different from the potential of all humanity.