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Alison Etter

Spiritual Mission Statement

1. To align with Divine Will: My life no longer belongs to the self, but to Divinity. I have no ‘free will’.

Lord, I give my life to Thee, totally and completely.

2. To surrender all belief systems, concepts, ideas, emotional patterns, and thoughts to God, so they may be dissolved into Infinite Love.
Lord, you may do with them as you please. They are no longer ‘mine’.

3. To look for and align with the infinite love behind every action and to seek God’s help in discerning the love in such actions, whether committed by self or another.

Lord, I beseech and invoke thee to help me see the love that is behind all actions and behavior.

4. To remember that whatever happens is God’s will for my highest good and most rapid growth. Therefore my intention is gratitude, always, for whatever is unfolding.

Lord, thank you. I am infinitely grateful for everything that is unfolding, including whatever is happening in consciousness, as well as form.

5. To practice kindness, integrity, love, understanding and compassion in my interactions with others at all times and in all circumstances.

6. To be loving and compassionate with myself.

7. Ultimately to dissolve the very sense of self, the “I” into Infinite Love and become one with Divinity.

Lord, I am coming home to Thee.
Let me be Thy light to the World. Let me be Thy Infinite Love. Let me serve only Thee, forever.