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Today in morning meditation arose to focus on the Infinite Love that is the essence of All, and further and continuously dis-identify from any actions of the body or thoughts of the mind. That what is essential is a continuous remembrance of being Infinite Love, unfolding ongoing as the process of Creation. Each action that unfolds equally sanctified and made holy by seeing the Truth of its Divine unfolding solely through the power of Divinity. Remaining ongoing in a mudra of Choiceless Awareness of Infinite Love as All that Is.

Inquiry: What is not completely aligned with full enlightenment in my life today?

That which has impatience with having a young child
That which receives inspiration of the Holy Spirit/Divine Guidance yet does not act immediately
That which procrastinates, believing timing will be more perfect in the future
That which distracts from abiding as the infinite Presence of Infinite Love
Nothing. As that which is not Love has no reality

Inquiry: What is supporting full enlightenment in my life today?

The Holy Company that surrounds me.
The activity that is ongoing through this life, assisting in the transcending of form.
Intense physical requirements of my martial arts master strengthening the ability to abide as Infinite Light and Love, transcending aversion or attraction to experiences and sensation.
Daily meditation and evening devotional service
Hourly meditations and daily tracking and reviews
The spiritual transmissions received in this lifetime and previous by great teachers of Love, which are now manifesting into this being.
Reverence for the great teachers of Love: Buddha, Christ, Krishna among others past and current
Experiencing the radiance of Divinity and full enlightenment in others
The energy of those who have walked this path to full enlightenment and fully and permanently transcended the individual self and any sense of ā€œIā€
The Glory of Love unfolding as Creation