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Alison Etter

How to be Love in the world:
Raise my vibration and awareness
Be Christ Consciousness

1. Intention will do more than anything else to assist me in being Love to the world
2. Don’t resist what is. See the Love in it. This is a close second.
3. Surrender everything that is not Love. This is the overarching practice that will bring me to the desired state.

Ideal Expression of Love – persona and behavior

Sending blessings, love and attunement energy to whoever comes to mind, and surrendering anything that is NOT Love. Fully accepting and loving those I am with, surrendering anything that comes up that is not Love. Being authentic in every situation, and with every person, surrendering the habitual response of passive aggressiveness.


• Act in integrity
• Be honest
• Act as Love would act, towards both self and other
• Be authentic
• Do not judge or blame
• Do not project my own emotional, egoic content onto others* (This entails continual monitoring of consciousness)
• Surrender anything which is not Love to God


• Continue to align word and deed to Love
• To not let myself off the hook in terms of integrity and authenticity
• To continually discern between ego and Love and to surrender what is not Love continually
• To ask myself, in any situation, “What would Love do now?”
• To ask for guidance and inspiration from Divinity in terms of what is right action in any given situation

Challenges and struggles:

• Being authentic
• Discerning Divine direction
• Trust
• Monitoring consciousness throughout the day
• Deep humility
• Deep connection