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Inquiry: What are my exceptions to unconditional spirituality?
Where am I involved with form instead of observing it without concepts?
Reflection & Review
Reflect on the moments, situations, people and thought patterns where instead of nonconceptual awareness one is involved with them, trying to “process” or do something about them.

• To want to do this exercise well because the answers should be published in the blog
• Extensive thinking instead of allowing the answers to this task
• Control the time invested in these responses
• Control of breathing during meditation
• resistance to pain in the body
• Search for solutions for professional success
• Suppression of excessive emotions, especially at inappropriate moments
• Suppression of feelings at inappropriate moments
• resistance to unwanted thoughts during meditation
• Active attempt to think of something beautiful (attachment) that I know will bring me joy
• Avoidance of / resistance to boredom
• Checking that the things that are done are done to the fullest satisfaction
• Attempt to make reparation for guilt, because so much time is invested in this course at the expense of the family
• Rambling with GOD and living in adverse events
• Slowly allowing for less fully integrated insights into this life
Self-condemnation in recognizing that the mindfulness exercise is not performed better
• Fight against the attachment of football and news
• savoring the joy of a new realization
• Resistance to cold symptoms and resistance to this resistance, and, it is hard to believe the resistance to the resistance of the resistance
• control of behavior during an upset
• Active processing of a conversation that has been given a certain importance
• Try not to let the feelings appear
• Occurring guilt feelings declared as unpleasant
• desperate search for the appropriate teaching in case of doubt as to whether the spiritual practice is performed correctly
• Supervision by the super ego
• desire to stop the crying of a child. And the desire to stop this wish … well …
• The desire to be funny in the utterances, rather than just reproducing the simple, available information.