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On the relationship between mindfulness and Surrender to Love:
In mindfulness one becomes increasingly aware of the totality of what is being experienced and it is only through this awareness that one can then Love all that is. Once there is nothing outside of this Love then it is a simple step to surrender what one thought of as oneself into that Love completely. There is then nothing left but the Infinite Presence of Infinite Love.

On the transition from choiceless awareness to Love
In choiceless awareness there is no judgment and this allows one to then take the next step across indifference of the Void into Love. In this experience it had to be recognized that the great emptiness did not include Love and then almost “skate” across this state to the other shore, where Love awaited. This would happen again and again in meditation.

It was necessary initially to intend to Love, to affirm Love as the course says, at least in this experience. At some point, it seems that the transition became more stable and the experience was predominantly of Love. Still, sometimes there is the awareness of not surrendering to Love in all situations and this has to be remembered and then affirmed. This happened today in one situation where my daughter was showing me something but also I was cooking and then when I stopped to speak with her, there was the realization of not surrendering to Love in that interaction in that moment and then it was corrected to make Love the most important, the only reality.