How we experience the world of form is nothing but a mirror image of what the mind holds. The mind creates one’s experience of life. This course is an invitation to transcend the positions that the mind holds – ideas, concepts, beliefs – and experience Divine Reality instead.  No outer circumstances are required to experience the presence of God. It is looking within and transcending what is held in mind that is the pathway to enlightenment.

“All experience is preceded by mind, led by mind, made by mind

Speak or act with a peaceful mind and happiness follows, like a never-departing shadow”

(Dhammpada, ch1,v2 Gil Fronsdal translation)

Lesson Two: “All Experience is Preceded by Mind”

Today’s lesson emphasizes how everything comes to be. It originates as a top-down process called creation. Whatever is within the mind consciously or subconsciously will eventually manifest as one’s experience. The Buddha talked about the seeds that are planted within the mind as karma. Karma, mind, and ego are the same. Once the mind has been transcended, individual karma and ego have been transcended as well. Because there is nothing that is held within the mind, the Radiance of Divine Presence shines forth out of all that exists. It is the Glory of Love unfolding. Today’s lesson is an invitation to plant positive seeds within Consciousness so that they come into manifestation.

Meditation/ Creative Visualization: Today’s practice is to hold in mind and visualize your ideal “most spiritual” self. Visualize how an infinitely loving, infinitely merciful, infinitely compassionate, kind, “surrendered to Love” person would be. Allow at the beginning of the meditation for divine revelation and then visualize this new “highest spiritual Self” in any given area of your life – then extending it to everything.

Contemplation: Consciously planting positive seeds within the mind. In any given situation plant positive karmic seeds within the mind. You may visualize within any given situation how the most spiritual self, the most loving self would be in that situation.  You could simply hold a prayer or an affirmation, or shift and adjust the thoughts and states of mind. Instead of focusing on what is happening in a situation or the behavior or interaction, focus instead on the mind and the mind being centered in the Self.

Inquiry: What am I on the highest level?

Reflection & Review: Write down a declaration, a “mission statement” of your highest spiritual aspiration and description. Write down a description of a person you ideally would like to be, your highest spiritual Self. Pray for this and plant it firmly within the mind by holding it in mind, or visualizing it. This practice can become a daily routine.