Veritas Publishing & Dr. David R. Hawkins

Dr. David R. Hawkins is a contemporary Spiritual teacher and our experience has shown that to commune with Him or His teachings is to Commune with Love itself. His teachings are the most purest form of Love available today.

Official Webpage including majority of His writings, Audios CD’s and Lecture DVD’s

Youtube Videos to give a introduction into his teachings:

Nightingale Conand – Audio sets on wide range of topics in highest quality production

Radio Interviews – Extensive (5 years) of Radio interviews with Dr. Hawkins on Beyond the Ordinary for live streaming or mp3 download

Email & phone groups:

Devotional Nonduality google group

Surrender group: Contact:

Facebook Groups


Dr. Michael Beckwith & Agape International

Agape International Spiritual Center is the homepage of Dr. Michael Beckwith which includes information on events, books, Videos etc.

Watch Dr. Michael Beckwith worship services live and for free (there are archived recordings available as well)

Agape online community offers a online community recorded events and teleconferences with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (payed service)


12 Step Programs 




Mother Teresa




Hinduism & yoga, Advaita


Swami Satchidananda


Ramana Maharshi


Nisargadatta Mahharaj 


Interfaith & Interspirituality 

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary