Not ready to deepen the experience of Love?
Take 5 min for the following exercise

This is a sample exercise of next weekend’s virtual retreat. It will be accompanied by a guided meditation and some group activities. It is however incredibly valuable as a standalone exercise. Take 5 min before closing this newsletter and practice this exercise in order to deepen the experience of Love in your life today.

Re-writing one’s story

Reflect on your life’s journey, the “story of your life”. Take a moment and write it down on a page to solidify your reflections. What stands out for you? What aspects of it are you consciously attached to, don’t want to “miss” or let go of? Who is that person, that identity? Utilize the inquiry technique: “What is my life’s story?” to further examine and deepen your reflections. Once your reflection is complete, continue with the next steps.

The story of one’s life does not exist. It is a creation of the mind and supports the continuation of an “I”. Every moment arises out of Love from itself. It is the mind that connects the dots into a story based on his state of consciousness. It is akin then drawing lines in the stars and calling them certain figures like “Libra” etc. Today, one will be set free of this story.

Integrating all components of Surrender to Love, we are now applying them towards the perception of one’s life story. From radical humility, one removes the will to hold that particular perception. From the depth of one’s heart, one offers any perceived gains whether one is consciously aware of them or not. With that, the openness is created for Love to re-write one’s original perception.

Utilize the mantra/prayer: ” I don’t know anything about this story, person, “identity”. Therefore I surrender my self, person, and story to Thee. Reveal Thy Love in its place”