Surrender to Love Retreat

September 13, 14 and 15, 2019 – Sedona, AZ and via livestream

Love is all, Love is all that exists and we are here to surrender to that.

About The Retreat Facilitator

Communion with Love has formed to bring transformation and direct experience of spiritual Truth, especially Love to the world. Historically it emerged out of Reverend Jakob Merchant’s call to ministry. After his ordination by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary he received confirmation and blessings to form this spiritual organization as a vehicle of spiritual transformation. This inspiration and transformation stems from Love.  Learn More

Retreat Information

On September 13th, 14th and 15th you are invited on a transformational journey of practicing Surrender to Love,  which is the very core of Communion with Love and what Rev. Jakob Merchant has to share with the world.

During this retreat, we are learning, experiencing and practicing the key principles of Surrender to Love and applying them to our own spiritual journey.

This intensive retreat is not only the focused application of the practices around Surrender to Love, but it is also a two-day intensive application of the 1-year Surrender to Love online course and the practice of the forthcoming book “Surrender to Love – The Heart of Non-duality” by Reverend. Jakob Merchant. We have included the book introduction at the bottom of this newsletter. 

To assist with going in to the silence within, the retreat will be silent (therefore, also no cell phones/texting). Rev. Jakob will be leading the retreat with spoken guided meditations; however, these times of transmitting the teachings of Surrender to Love will be followed by silent meditation. While there may be some walking meditations and brief breaks each hour, most of the retreat will be spent in seated meditation or individual introspection. 

As with all Communion with Love retreats, this Surrender to Love retreat is available both in-person and long-distance (Zoom).


The Basics of Surrender to Love
Love is all, Love is all that exists
The pathway of surrender to love, the heart of non-duality
Going beyond perception to experience the Light of Love
Devotion: A love for Love that is greater than the love for the individual self
Dissolving the I into Infinite Love
The personal will and the I
Surrender & de-identification

Transcending perception
Transcending the mind
Transcending experiencing
Transcending negation
The sense of I
Surrender to Love in daily life


Daily Retreat Schedule


5pm – Dinner, meet participants, orientation and dinner (dinner provided)

6pm – Break

7pm – Devotional Service



6:00am – Morning meditation and prayers

7:00am – Break

10:00am – Retreat begins

12:00pm – Lunch (provided)

1:00pm – Retreat continues

4:00pm – Evening break

7:00pm – Devotional Service



6:00am – Morning meditation and prayers

7:00am – Break

10:00am – Retreat begins

12:00pm – Lunch (provided)

1:00pm – Retreat continues

4:00pm – Retreat ends



About The Venue

Communion with Love hosts most of its events at the Sedona Surrender Retreat House.

2044 Red Rock Loop Road, Sedona AZ 86336

The Sedona Surrender Retreat House is a home dedicated to the practice of devotion, contemplation and surrender. We offer accommodations for people seeking a retreat place to deepen in their spirituality or simply seeking renewal. As a non-denominational Interfaith family, we include practices from various traditional paths and religions.

The Property: The property is situated on 1.5 acres of land overlooking the beautiful rock formation known as Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona. The property has walking paths to oak creek which is only five minutes walking distance. The retreat house is a two story 4,200 square foot home with 7 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The accommodations available include 3 different beautifully decorated bedrooms with their own bath/shower, a common kitchen, dining and living area. To see our photo gallery click here.

Daily Life at the Retreat House: We begin our day with morning meditation at 6am and end our day with an Interfaith Devotional Service at 7pm. The retreat house hosts various workshops and retreats all yearlong.

Overnight accommodations are available. Please contact us if you would like to stay at the Retreat House, especially during our events. You can contact us via facebook or by email at

Facebook page of the Sedona Surrender Retreat House

You may also book directly from the AirBnB site by using the following links:

Yoga Retreat Room, Large Private Suite

Cathedral Rock Retreat Room, Private room


You can park anywhere on the property except for the driveway to the left side of the house. Overflow parking is on the empty lot on the right side of the house (20 Serendipity Trail) or if this is not possible, we ask that you park at the trail head parking area at the intersection of Chavez Ranch Road and Upper Red Rock Loop Road

Surrender to Love Retreat – FAQs

Q. I am not able to attend all the days of the retreat, may I attend only certain days?
A. For the full benefits of the silence and drawing inward that the retreat offers, it is helpful to attend for the full retreat, and leave everything of the outside world behind. If that is not possible, we still welcome you to attend for the days/times that work for you.

Q. Do I need to attend all the hours of the retreat?
A. It is ideal to attend the full retreat (10:00am – 5:00pm); however, if this is not possible, we still welcome you to attend for part days. Please let us know if this is the case. 

Q. Are accommodations available?
A. There are many Airbnb options in Sedona and also a Courtyard Marriott 5 minutes away. The Sedona Surrender Retreat House may have some space. Contact to inquire. Jenine may also have space available and she can be reached at

Q. Are meals provided?
A. Lunch is included and is by donation. There are many local options for breakfast and dinners out.

Q. What is the cost of the retreat?
A. The retreat is by donation. Communion with Love relies on donations to support its daily operations and running costs in order to continue to offer courses, retreats, meditations and evening devotional services free of charge. We invite you to join us in the spiritual practice of generosity. It is the concern with ourselves and our own life that holds us back from the full experience of the radiance of Divinity at all times. And so generosity has been a time-honored practice to connect consciously to the awareness that everything we truly need is provided to us at all times, and it allows us to let go of attachments and any notions of self-concern.


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