Surrender to Love is…

Surrender to Love is giving one’s self to Love so that from that moment forward, it is Love that guides and takes care of one’s life to the point where Love lives and breathes as us. Love has become what we are not different from the Divine.

Surrender to Love is a spiritual practice in which the will is given to the very Lord of Love itself. With the will dissolving into Love one becomes freed from all restraints and enters the realms of nondual love. From here one travels as Love and not a person to the fulfillment of the promise that Love is all, Love is all that exists.

Surrender to Love is the integration of nonduality and the pathway of negation (negating form, concepts, beliefs or positions) as well as the pathway of affirmation, affirming the very essence of Divinity as what one is. It is the very heart of nonduality.

Surrender to Love is for…

Surrender to Love is for everyone who would like to seek to experience Love everywhere, not different from what one is. It is written for the spiritual person who seeks the pathway of nondual Love in order to dissolve the self with its will and having it replaced with the Infinite Presence of Love. Surrender to Love is intended for those who seek to become the essence of Divinity, the very heart of the Lord of Love.

Surrender to Love is for those who are seeking a direct experience with Love. Not as intellectual teachings but merely as exchanging one’s self for Love. It is a spiritual practice where the self is replaced with Divine Love. Hence it is most suitable for anybody who would like to choose Love above one’s self.


Would you like to experience more Love? 

Have you longed for Love?

Have you realized that Love is the highest value in your life?

Then you are ready to Surrender to Love.


Love’s Vision for you:

Everything is Love; beyond form, beyond this world, beyond one’s ordinary experiences there is a Love that is limitless, boundless, “infinite”. This Love exists outside of form and time and is not a person or a “self”. It is what all the great religions have referred to. It is the ultimate reality. This Love manifests as this world, as form but trough Surrender to Love, now one has realized everything as that Love and every moment as ongoing creation of that Infinite Love. This is the case because of the will, positions, the mind and the sense of I, no longer cloud reality. Everything now is Love, nothing else exists. One has become the glory of Love unfolding.

Love’s journey is a journey of communion and surrender to Love is the vehicle of transcending identification with a self and form to the reality of Infinite Love.


Come and join us in Love


Ways to become Infinite Love:

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Surrender to Love book

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