“I was walking in the University of Salzburg, and a white light began to shine forth from everything. All the walls, stairs, wood, and people were now suffused by this Light that was only Love. This arose out of the humility to not presume that my experience is reality.”
 From 10 pages to a Living Spirituality: A journey into the essence of Love
Communion with Love Publishing 

Illumination is a state of Consciousness where an inner Light that is only Love has replaced everything else. Beyond form – beyond the world, the body and the mind – lies an ever-present Love. This Love is available at any moment.  On Saturday, March 30th from 10 am-4 pm affirm this Love within you by the practices of transcending perception.

Every problem is a problem in perception. Therefore, anything can be transcended instantly as one goes beyond one’s current perception. This one-day virtual retreat looks at the components and mechanisms as well as spiritual practices on how to transcend the perception and leaves everyone not only transformed but with practical applications that can be used in everyday life.


This retreat is primarily a virtual retreat, optimized for everyone joining us long distance. Utilizing the Zoom platform as our virtual sacred space all exercises are designed to be able to be done while joining online in the comfort of your home. Locals are welcomed to attend in person. If you would like to join us in person we ask that you bring a “Zoom ready” device such a Laptop, tablet, or phone. We will be sending a follow-up newsletter on how to prepare for this retreat at home. You will also receive further information after registering for this retreat. Learn how to dissolve into the Light of Love and experience illumination by going beyond perception. This is available in every moment by dissolving the “I” into Love. Regardless of what the content is, negate form as illusionary and affirm the Love that lays beyond it. This spiritual practice takes one in an instant, from where one is to Love, via this mechanism of Surrender to Love.




Not ready to deepen the experience of Love? 

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5 Min exercise - Ready to Deepen the Experience of Love?