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Guided Transformation: What is Surrender to Love
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Humility and Surrender to Love

Humility is the hallmark of spiritual life. Developing this one quality activates any and all spiritual progress. Its highest expression is the disillusionment of the I which in itself is a form of pride. Without the central locus of an individual, I Consciousness expands from being and the individual person. Compassion may then draw the pain, suffering or needs of others into Consciousness in order for them to be addressed. Because one has transcended one’s identification with one’s own individual self, the context has expanded to the karma of mankind. What arises now is not treated any different than what had arisen when I was still an experiential reality. 

(move above elswhere – working with collective consciousness).

10 habits - "I dont know, show me Thy Love"

The first habit to develop is the habit of humility. It is a general attitude of “I don’t know, show me Thy Love” in everything.



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