Healing session 1: The heart of non duality & what is Surrender to Love
Guided Transformation: What is Surrender to Love
Chapter 1 The Heart of non duality

Troughout history there have been many religions and spiritual orientations in every culture and every historical area. These religions and wisdom traditions not only have been a reflection of their own time but also a reflection of Divinity itself.

Many of them hardened into dogma over the centuries. The hardened into a solid rock that one adheres to often blindly instead of having a direct experience with it. This Living spirituality where religion and spirituality is recognized as the mechanism and process of realizing Divinity as Infinite Love not different from what one is, not different than all that exists is the essence of this book.

In all of these traditions offer a pathway to the direct experience of the Divine and the realization that this is what one is, instead of a separate individual. Christianity unio mystica, Buddhisms “nirvana” and Hinduism’s “Advaita” are historical examples that all religions and pathways have aimed at the direct experience of the Divinie and the realization of that Divine as what one is.

Nonduality the experience of the Divine instead of an individual self often lacks the qualities of Divinity especially the very essence of Divinity wich is Infinite Love.

Illumination the experience of an inner Light as one’s primary reality has been historically perceived as a state of consciousness that needs to be negated as it mistakenly was misperceived as form. This negation of illumination leads to the experience of non experiencing, the Awareness of a great emptiness or Void which is devoid of everything except one’s Awareness of it.

The mistake is not only the negation of Divinity itself but also the subtle continuation of “I” because there is still an “I” left that is aware of that great emptiness. The trap of being aware of one’s own nonexistence is transcended by walking trough the gates that lead into Infinite Love itself.

A most often golden Light that is a love outside of time, with no beginning no end and no form is what awaits beyond the Void of nothingness. This Love is the hallmark not only of the end of the journey but also the invitation on where this book leads the reader. This infinite illumined Love is the end of the spiritual journey. In as much as this Love is infinite so is one’s spiritual journey.

The light of God as Consciousness then is what brings Awareness to whatever is that this awareness shines upon it. One values more the process or context within which form arises and thereby eventually transcends identification with that content. As one realizes that one is not the body, not the mind, not the doer of any deeds, this realization needs to be extended towards Consciousness and Awareness, and eventually to existence and the sense of “I” also.Only then one is removed into that out of which everything arises.

While this does not require formal religion, it does require tremendous, deep, persistent devotion. This devotion is the Self, the Divine calling home that which has began to believe to be lost. Hisotircally, this may have called the “Bodhichitta” or the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Pathway of nonduality cannot be successfully traveled without an infinite amount of devotion and Love for the Truth. These qualities need to be primary in one’s focus of development as they can then be translated on the pathway to the realization that the Divine is all that exists.

The heart of nonduality is a nondual Surrender where the individual self dissolves and disappears and only that out of which it has arisen one is left with. At the heart of nonduality is Love and nondual Surrender.

Surrender is always the dissolving of personal will. It is always a complete dissolving of the I as the personal will and the illusionary I are one and the same. Once no will is left no “I” is left also. Willfulness is then the only requirement to be dissolved in order to realize the Presence of Divinity as Infinite Love, as all that exists.

At the heart of nonduality stands especially a transcendence of all beliefs, concepts and ideas especially those that the ultimate reality is other than infinite Love. These include rejection and negation of Love not only within form but also as a formless essence of Divnity.

The Void or great emptiness often misperceived as the enlightened state is another central focus to be transcended on the pathway of Surrender to Love. The very heart of nonduality refuses that which is devoid of Love even the great nondual emptiness itself.

Love spurns on devotion out of which arises the dedication, commitment and drive to transcend duality and live on a different plane of existence. This plane of existence is devoid of an individual self, even the very sense or feeling of it. It has been replaced by an Infinite Presence and one has become the radiant heart of Divinity.

Lesson 1: Love is all that exists


Chapter 2: Surrender to Love
Lesson 2 Laying down one's life


Lesson 3 Love is the sacrifice of will (surrendering willfulness)


Lesson 4 Experiencing Divine Radiance & Infinite Love


Lesson 5 Living in the reality of Infinite Love


Chapter 3: The Pathway of Surrender to Love
Lesson 6 Salvation has come: Grace & Mercy


Lesson 7 The Pathway of Surrender to Love