Metaphysics & Theology

We do not teach any form of Metaphysics or Theology. There seems to be little value in describing arbitrary concepts, as long as they do not lead to a direct experience of Truth. We focus simply on the teachings that are of a direct support to becoming more Loving. We believe that there is a state of Love that not only allows for the revelation of Truth within, it also is complete and total within itself and therefore does not seek or want any further answers. That state of Love is all the answers. Hence we follow the dictum to not seek the Truth, but simply drop our opinions.

At the same time we also acknowledge that people have different cultural and religious backgrounds. To help them connect to Love in a meaningful way, we may use their context of understanding and hence religious teachings to help them along the Path of Love. However this is done from the position of compassionate understanding that this familiarity may be necessary for some to open up to the becoming of Love. Ultimately the Truth can never be found in a book, a concept or any form of teaching. The Ultimate Truth we believe is the experience of Absolute impersonal Love – as that which we are.

The Great Teachers

Throughout history there have been beings with extraordinary insight into the nature of Reality. Those Manifestations of Love have helped many others throughout history. The power of insight has manifested many times in what we know today as the major world religions and especially their so-called “mystical subgroups”. Although there is only one Creed that binds us together – the Creed of Love – many have found certain teachings as pivotal on their journey towards the conscious experience of Love as what they are.

Under those great teachers a few deserve particular mention as they have experienced that Absolute state of Reality called Infinite Love. Their names are known as Jesus Christ, Krishna, “Siddhartha Gautama”(Buddha), Zoroaster and Sir Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Ultimately however the greatest of all teachers is Love itself. This Love is purely subjective and experiential, beyond all concepts, ideas and beliefs. Hence the study of the great teachers in Communion with Love is not an intellectual book study but instead a passing on of the living scripture. It is the living of a particular teaching that becomes the teaching for others, not merely the intellectual reiterating from borrowed but not experienced words.

Love’s call only awaits our consent to make every moment of our life and every being we meet the Teacher of Love.

Personal Comments

“There is only one authentic way to teach the great teachings of those great teachers. You internalize them. You make them your own experience. That own lived experience is what you then pass on to others”

“When I would go to communion in some churches and there would be many times an experience of an inner white light. In that experience of Communion there would be no “me” only that Light. So in real communion only the One one communes with remains. This is how we commune with Love.” Rev. Jakob