What we are seeking is to realize what we are as Infinite Love. In order to do so we utilize the Pathway of Love itself.

Tasting Love

What we offer is the opportunity to taste Love. We do so by loving you. This love may take form and certain activities like pouring you a cup of tea, doing worship services, being exposed to uplifting music art etc. or simply giving you a hug.

By being around Love and it’s expressions one eventually will recieve a taste of that love and over time want more. The next step then is to make Lovingness a lifestyle and hence remove the conditions to experience love

Making it unconditional

Through contemplation, meditation, prayer and inner inventories as well as other techniques we are finding out about situations were we have put on conditions on our love and utilize techniques to transcend those conditions.

One of the biggest steps in making love unconditional is the removal of want, especially the want of wanting something to be diffrent than it is. Hence one practice we are utilizing is to give up that perceived gain we might have of a given situation or person and instead ask how we can be of service to them. Once we don’t want things to be diffrent and allow everything to be as it is love can come more naturally.

Another focus in making love unconditional is to work with belief systems. We identify belief systems we are holding and letting them go. There are certain ways we see the world and certain beliefs we are holding on that do not allow us to experience Love and especially the lovability of others. By uncovering them and working through them in order to transccend them we are starting to see the world and its inhabitants differently. We start to see the lovability everywhere

In working towards unconditional love we also work with the emotions and owning ourselves. Emotions can strongly cloud our perception and our experience of Love. Hence to be able to deal with them and work with them is very essential in order to trancend their hold and dominance on our being. This then also plays into how we might react to other people that upset us. Most often something we feel unlovable or dislike-able about others are things we have not owned about ourselves and our animal side. Therefore in making love unconditional there comes also a point of unconditionally loving, embracing and owning all aspects of our self, so that the seeming “good” and “bad” become simply “lovable”

These and other techniques like forgiveness, mercy, prayer we use in the circle of Love as well as the school of Love to support making Love unconditional.

The radiant Love

The more Loving we become the more that Love will radiate out into the world and Love has become a lifestyle. Here we practice by radiating out love either trough intention and meditation or also through specific practices when we meet people as well as selfless service into our community. Love here is now radiating and touching many peoples life’s whether throu actual loving acts or through being touched in distance.

Identification of Love as what we truly are

Although there are many doorways into Love this one is diffrent in that it asks a total abandon of ones complete personhood. On this path one just is the Quality of Infinite Love as well as its manifestations without being any longer a individual separate person. Ones intention is to be an impersonal quality and hence leave identification with any personal “me” behind. This doorway is often utilized through prayer and meditation as well as contemplation, where one continually holds in mind to be and impersonal quality and practices one pointedness of Love. This doorway is best utilized by having direct support.

The emphasis on manifestations of Love 

Although on its highest Level everything is experienced as manifestations of Love there are certain qualities that are so near to the Quality of Love that by fostering those we are supporting the Path of Love itself. Those qualities are for example compassion, kindness. Mercy. Beauty, chivalry among others. Hence we focus deeply on how to foster and practice any of those qualities.

Being Loved is to become Love

When we are Loved we eventually become more Loving ourselves. Hence the Radiance of Love that does not want to change anything will change everything. This is the value of a Lover also known as teacher as well as continous group support. Not only will one feel the deep love of aligned people one increases the intensity and impact of that love by having the power of a whole group available. Often we have seen that group prayer has been more effective. Hence the utilization of being part of a group that is commonly aligned with being Love will support ones own intention. We use this through the circle of Love as well as regular online support groups being part of the school of Love.